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If you are unsure about the state of your door, and are concerned that it might not be up to the requirements expected by your insurers, reading through this guide will give you a better idea of the security requirements for your doors.

Every item you install on your door should conform to British Standard 3621.

Before you give consideration to anything, make sure your door frames are sturdy enough to prevent potential break-ins. No matter how many locks you install, without a sturdy frame, they will all be useless. A minimum of 44mm (13/4″) thickness is required, and it should be hung on at least three 100mm (4″) hinges. If your door has decorative aspects, these parts can be a minimum of 9mm (1/3″) thick.

Your door will require a minimum of two locks. One lock should be a rim latch (Yale type). The other should be a five lever mortice deadlock ideally, but insurance companies tend to accept rim automatic deadlocks too. The locks should be placed 45 to 60cm (18 – 24″) apart. Timber frames should be securely bolted to the walls every 600mm (23″).

If you have a letterbox fixed to your front door, it is required to be at least 400mm away from the door lock, and nowhere near the bottom rail of the door, to prevent the theft of mail.

Viewer and Chain
Installing a door viewer into your door will allow you to be able to deal with callers without compromising your security. They are incredibly effective when one is suspicious of a caller’s intentions. Installing a door chain will achieve similar security.

Obviously, insurance requirements will vary depending on many other factors such as the crime rate of your area, but without taking these basic security precautions, you are not only leaving yourself at risk from burglary, but you also risk not being covered by your insurance should you find yourself victim to burglary.

The staff at Best4Doors will be happy to help you understand the requirements of your particular insurance company.

Wow! I had never heard of this guy until I stumbled across his website. His designs are incredible. Amazing contemporary woodwork that will endure for a lifetime. Palo Samko works with salvaged wood, designing furniture that is practical as well as unbelievably beautiful.

His website showcases some of his work, and it is a joy to see. Take 5 minutes and have a look at what this incredibly talented man is doing.

Palo Samko – Woodworker.