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Ending the old year and starting a new one is like closing one door and opening another. So why not do just that?

The weather outside is frightful, and the jobs to do out there will be piling up, ready for the warmer weather. So why not take advantage of the time indoors and give your home a make-over by changing your internal doors.

Best4Doors have just introduced the Empire range of internal doors for 2013.

This moulded oak range is stylish and sleek. The names, Honduras, Burma, Ceylon and Rhodesia conjure up an image of a by-gone era when life was less hectic. This range of doors incorporates a variety of woods, using contrasting inlays and panels to create an expensive, but not ostentatious look. Well-priced, these doors will add a contemporary elegance to any home.

Even if you’re not ready to replace any of the doors in your home, have a look at these new ranges and imagine a time when life was simpler, more tranquil……….and a lot warmer!

Empire RhodesiaOak Door with Oak Grooves and Ash Inlay

Empire Rhodesia
Oak Door with Oak Grooves and Ash Inlay

Honduras Internal DoorBeech stiles with oak centre panel and walnut castellated grooves.

Honduras Internal Door
Beech stiles with oak centre panel and walnut castellated grooves.

Ceylon Internal Door Oak finish with oak grooves and ash inlays.

Ceylon Internal Door
Oak finish with oak grooves and ash inlays.

Burma Internal Door Beech stiles with ash panel and walnut castellated grooves, with glazed centre panel.

Burma Internal Door
Beech stiles with ash panel, walnut grooves and glazed centre panel.


If you are thinking of having new doors in your home, or if you are building a new home or extension then pre-hung doors might be the answer for you.

doorpair1What is a Pre-Hung Door?

A pre-hung door is exactly what it says it is! It is a door that has already been hung in a door frame. It usually includes the following:

  • Doorframe
  • Door Hinges
  • Door Handles
  • Letterplate
  • Threshold
  • Cill
  • Night latch
  • Deadlock



External pre-hung door sets can also include any combination of toplights and sidelights

When should I use a Pre-hung Door?

Surprisingly enough pre-hung doors are often much easier to install.

Reasons to consider a prehung door:

  • If it is a new door way – a new home or an extension with no existing doorframe
  • DIY Project – Fitting doors into frames is a specialist task and replacing a doorframe will probably prove to be a lot easier
  • If the existing doorframe needs to be removed
  • There is no need for specialist equipment to plane doors and fit perfectly matching hinges to door and frame
  • To ensure a perfect fit- prehung doors are a perfect fit into their frames guaranteeing weather tightness for external doors and improving soundproofing for internal doors
  • Professional finish – Door handles, locks and letterplates all pre-fitted to professional standards

A word of caution to the DIYer- prehung doors can be pretty cumbersome and although a lot easier to install than fitting a new door into an existing frame, still requires some skill. If in doubt, get a builder to install it for you – it probably will still be less costly than getting a specialist door fitter to fit a door into an existing frame. When pricing pre-hung door sets be aware that, in most cases the price of the pre-hung door set does NOT include the door or any additional sidelights or toplights! This is because the cost of doors is so variable – a solid oak door with frosted glazing is going to cost far more than a hardwood door with no glazing. The total cost will be the pre-hung door set plus the cost of the door.

Pre-hung door sets are used extensively by architects and professional builders in new builds, and are now available to smaller builders for home-improvement projects.

Pre-hung or not we hope the installation of your new doors is straightforward and satisfactory.


PEFC is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.

It is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. It is there to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are sourced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. National forest certification systems are assessed against PEFC’s unique and highly respected Sustainability Benchmarks practices.

PEFC has certification systems in more than 30 countries, totalling over 240 million hectares of forest.

PEFC have recently launched a new brochure explaining their unique approach to Forest Certification.

Details of the brochure can be found on their website at

 FireShot Screen Capture #024 - 'Home' - www_pefc_org

The website also includes other really interesting information about forests and how we can help promote PEFC