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Ideas for Fathers Day: 16th June 2013

Relax in a new styled bedroom on Fathers Day. As a surprise perhaps the lady wife or partner could decorate a chilled out space with new oak doors & grey painted walls, to add a soft ambiance to a adults only space.

Or perhaps just buy a token Internal door to start the idea rolling.

Or just enough time to decorate before June Deadline.

A gift voucher & a pot of paint would be a quick solution


Colours for the home inside & out vary greatly. A lot depends on taste but also especially indoors on which way the house is facing.


North facing rooms tend to be colder & have less light, so a yellow or cream  light colour would suit more than green or grey. Or you could use dramatic colours like purple & work with it, not fight nature with it being a dark room.


South facing rooms have light all day long so warm or cool colours work, the choice is yours. Pale tones keep it light & airy, blue for a seaside feel or white for a crisp feel.


English: Colours of Llanllyfni. I was rather t...

English: Colours of Llanllyfni. I was rather taken with the striking colour of this house, amidst the grey slate of every other building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

East facing rooms, the light can appear slightly blue so blue or green would work. To create light & warmth, duck egg blue is a good choice


West facing rooms would be enhanced by using a white palette to make a wonderful airy feeling in the natural or artifical light. A soft pink would create a warm glow

**Black can be hard to use indoors, but is a popular colour in contemporary homes & looks great with red for a dramatic dining room**




So you need a new look in your living room, and you’ve got an idea of what you want. Now you’d like to have a look around the internet to find inspiration, and even do some shopping, but how do you explain to Google what’s in your head?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all done a search for something and then been disappointed and frustrated when we see the results.

Someone at has gone to a lot of trouble to explain – and explain well – the difference in interior and decor styles. They include a really comprehensive description of all the following design styles.

I’d recommend reading the full post  to fully appreciate the distinction between the following styles:

  • Arts and Crafts – handmade folk style.
  • Classic Contemporary – innocuous style is recognizable through the use of simplified shapes
  • Contemporary – now a combination of the old and new ideals.
  • Country – a cozy and quaint feel
  • Eclectic – essentially a combination of all other styles
  • Modern – originated in the 1900s with the Bauhaus Movement
  • Rustic – comprised partly or wholly of locally found materials such as bark, roots, branches etc
  • Shabby-Chic – relies mainly on flea market finds that are usually refinished
  • Traditional – regal and often detailed furnishings from a variety of different time periods
  • Transitional – The offspring of traditional and contemporary furniture
  • Tuscan – reflects the warm hues found in the Italian countryside landscape


Apart from the full post here, there is also this jolly useful infographic showing an overview of the different styles

medium_2661425133Time is always important, and modern life means constantly chasing the clock. At the same time fewer of us are wearing watches these days, so clocks are essential in most places.

We’ve found this great collection of clocks that range from the practical to zany – we hope you like them. We specially like the blackboard clock!





photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc