I read somewhere that door handles are the “handshake of your home”. Door handles come in such a bewildering array of styles, sizes and materials that you need to give careful consideration to what’s best for your doors.

First of all you want to find a style that complements your home. Is your home very sleek and modern? Do you prefer grand designs or something cosy and cottagey? Have a good look at your décor, and of course your doors before making this decision. Of course, if you are not replacing all the door handles in your home then you need to choose something that blends in with the existing door handles.

Cost is often a major factor, and door handles can vary enormously in price. Try to get the best you can within your budget – you don’t want to replace them again too soon, and they usually have to withstand a lot of use! So, make sure you’ve chosen the best door handles you can afford, and ones that you can live with for a long time.

How much maintenance is your door furniture going to need? Are you going to be able to devote the time to cleaning a finicky brass pattern clean, or are you an easy maintenance person. Exterior door handles will need to be a lot sturdier, and made to withstand the elements.

Also, do you have children, or perhaps a family member with arthritis or any other condition that makes turning handles a bit tricky? Do you prefer a traditional door knob, even if it is slightly more difficult to turn? Will the door need to be locked? Not all interior doors need locks.

Door Type
When we say ‘door handle’ we usually mean it as a blanket term for ‘door handles, door knobs and door levers’.
Traditional hinged doors will probably need a lever or door knob, while sliding doors or bi-fold doors will be better off with a handle.

Once you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of getting door handles that you like, don’t skimp on having them installed correctly. Carefully consider your diy skills before fitting them yourself, and if you do need to have them fitted by a professional, make sure you consider this cost in your initial budget.

Good luck with your new doors, and don’t forget to consider any other door furniture such as locks, letter flaps and weather strips when you buy your new door handles.