Colours for the home inside & out vary greatly. A lot depends on taste but also especially indoors on which way the house is facing.


North facing rooms tend to be colder & have less light, so a yellow or cream  light colour would suit more than green or grey. Or you could use dramatic colours like purple & work with it, not fight nature with it being a dark room.


South facing rooms have light all day long so warm or cool colours work, the choice is yours. Pale tones keep it light & airy, blue for a seaside feel or white for a crisp feel.


English: Colours of Llanllyfni. I was rather t...

English: Colours of Llanllyfni. I was rather taken with the striking colour of this house, amidst the grey slate of every other building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

East facing rooms, the light can appear slightly blue so blue or green would work. To create light & warmth, duck egg blue is a good choice


West facing rooms would be enhanced by using a white palette to make a wonderful airy feeling in the natural or artifical light. A soft pink would create a warm glow

**Black can be hard to use indoors, but is a popular colour in contemporary homes & looks great with red for a dramatic dining room**