PLEASE NOTE:( All Exterior & Interior Doors Should Be Treated Before Fitting The Door.)

For your reference, below is a précis of the widely published Sikkens finishing instructions which is for practical guidance only and not intended to be promoted as being “de jure”. The acclaimed Sikkens range, produced by global chemicals giant Akzo Nobel and widely available from retail stores throughout the UK and ROI, comprises microporous, clear and translucent woodstains and opaque paints, The key advantage of using Sikkens microporous, or “breathable” products, is the finish will not peel, crack, deteriorate or suffer from premature erosion of the film if the decorative finish is correctly maintained.

For optimum protection, each door leaf should undergo an intensive 3 stage finishing process. In respect of Oak and Hardwood timber species, the first stage involves the use of Cetol HLS Plus Base Coat, which is comprehensively applied to all surfaces of the door, to ensure maximum protection. Stage 2 involves completely sealing the end grain of the wood at the top and bottom of the door stiles and at all joints with Sikkens special Kodrin products. Finally, two coats of Top Coat should be applied to all surfaces, which in respect of Oak doors is clear Cetol Filter 7 and in respect of Hardwood doors is Cetol Filter 7 translucent.

The final result, is a fantastic, durable finish, which affords superior protection and enhances the door’s aesthetic appearance.

Depending on location and weather conditions, Oak doors will typically require re-coating every 12 months, whereas it is recommended re-coating Hardwood doors every two to five years, but it is also important to check the finish every six months, and re-coat as necessary, to properly maintain the decorative finish. Please note that the clear finishes offer comparatively less UV protection than Sikkens translucent woodstains or opaque paints, which contain more pigment and therefore afford better protection against UV. Consequently, Oak doors require re-coating more regularly than Hardwood doors, in order to maintain the integrity of the protective finish, so if longer maintenance schedules are preferred, any colour from the Sikkens Filter 7 Translucent range is recommended.