If you’ve always wanted a letterbox in your door, and have been thinking about getting someone professional to install one for you, think again, as it is a fairly simple task which can be performed by even those with minimal knowledge of DIY.

Making a Hole

If you’ve got an existing letterbox and are planning to install a new one, removing the old one is as easy as unscrewing the screws holding it in. There are usually two screws, one on each side, but some letterbox designs might feature more. Be aware that the hole in your door might have been the perfect size for the letterbox you’ve just removed, but you should measure the hole up against the new letterbox you are planning to install in case their sizes don’t match.
If you are installing a letter box into a door that does not currently have one, you will have to cut a hole into your door. The size of the hole can be determined by simply holding up your letterbox to the door and drawing a template around it. Thickness of the door isn’t a major issue, as most doors are easily thick enough to contain even the largest of letterboxes.
The process of actually cutting out the wood is as simple as following the template you have drawn with a jigsaw or padsaw, or widening the existing hole if need be.

Attaching the Letterbox

It’s worth marking the points that will be attaching your letterbox to your door. If your letterbox is using fixing bolts, mark the points where the holes will be and drill holes in those places. Holding a block of wood against the back of whatever you are drilling prevents splintering the wood of the thing you are drilling. Doing this with your door will keep it looking immaculate.
Sand any rough edges that you find, and should the bolt or screw protrude through the other side of the door, you might have to cut the ends off, but this is an issue which can be easily tackled. Many screws designed for holding letterboxes actually have bits of thread missing in them so they are easier to shorten.

Many letterboxes come in two parts – a front and a back – and this means that you might have to repeat the process twice, but either side is as easy as the other, and once you have followed these instructions and finished one side, simply repeat again to the other side and you will have a perfect, functional letterbox that you have installed yourself.