Traditionally, a French door or casement door was a hinged door made of glass panes set in a wooden frame. The panes of glass varied in size; some with large panes, some with small panes, and some highly decorated. The glass in French doors can be beveled, etched or textured in some manner, or simply left smooth.
Homeowners choose French doors to add a touch of class and sophistication to a home. The glass makes an attractive feature, and it allows more natural light to enter the room, and in some cases gives a feeling of almost being outdoors. Modern French doors use a variety of different types of glass and glazing, ensuring that heat loss and safety are no longer an issue with these doors.
French Doors are now available in a variety of options, and which one you choose is largely due to personal taste; what you think looks best, and is most practical for your home.

  • Traditional Hinged Casement Doors – when one thinks of French doors, it is usually as a set of double patio doors opening into the garden, or perhaps separating two living areas. This traditional French door is still a very popular choice with homeowners. This door is best used where space is not a concern, or perhaps in a particularly traditional setting
  • Sliding doors – An attractive option if you want a door that is easy to open, and not going to protrude into any other area. Sliding doors provide a sleek clean look to your patio area, and can be installed as one large door sliding either left to right, or 2 doors sliding left and right from the centre.
  • Bi-fold French Doors – A combination of a folding and sliding door. A great alternative to hinged or sliding doors where space is a consideration, this door offers a much larger opening than traditional French doors. These doors are extremely easy to open and close, using a simple track running along the panels. Bi-fold doors are also far more versatile, as they can be joined together in a variety of different configurations, and can usually be manufactured to provide an even or odd number of doors. Bifold doors can also be easily arranged to be partially open if necessary, thereby offering more flexibility on the amount of space required.

Whatever your decision, we feel sure that a wooden French door is a worthwhile investment; it will not only add value to your property, but enhance the look of your home for years to come.