The wooden doors in your house are probably one of the last things you’ll think about when giving your house ‘the big clean’. People have somehow developed the assumption that doors just don’t get dirty. This belief has become so strong in some people that they might not even notice the growing amount of grime and dirt collecting on their wooden doors. But you will certainly notice the difference once you have given your wooden door a clean by following the simple instructions below.

Rather than just running a wet rag over the dirtiest looking bits, you can be sure of total cleanliness for both varnished doors and painted doors by following the specific methods below. These methods will ensure that your doors are as clean as can be and will stay that way for a fair while.

  1. Remove Dust.
    All this part of the process requires is a dry cloth or duster. You don’t just want to be smearing dust around your door when it actually comes to cleaning it, so removing the dust is a good idea.
  2. Clean Door.
    Take a soft rag or cloth and moisten it with a small amount of oil soap. You might want to use different products depending on manufacturer guidelines, but oil soap always works well with varnished doors. Rub gently along the grain until you have covered the entire door.
    Painted: Take a sponge sprayed with all purpose cleaner and apply to the door, working with the grain.
  3. Buff Door.
    Take a dry cloth and buff the door, again following the grain.
  4. Clean Handles.
    Take a soft cloth or rag and apply a small amount of brass polish. Proceed to buff the handles gently with the cloth.
    Other: Spray a soft rag or cloth with all purpose cleaner and gently rub down the handles. Take a dry cloth and wipe off any leftover cleaner.
  5. Clean Glass.
    Obviously if your wooden door has glass panels these will need to be cleaned with a glass cleaner. It is probably best to leave cleaning the glass until the last. To get a really streak free shine on your glass and windows; polish them with a bit of old newspaper. Wear gloves, because it will make your hands rather grubby, but the window panes will look fantastic.

It goes without saying that keeping your wooden doors clean – particularly external doors – will extend the life of the door for many years, and reduce the need to repaint too often.