The appeal of wooden doors is should never be overlooked. Many people tend to opt for PVC over wooden doors, without carefully considering the benefits of having wooden doors. Wooden doors, when installed properly, are durable, attractive and can give you years of reliability.

Wood is a sturdy, yet warm material that is a natural choice for external doors. Their sturdiness makes wooden doors great for protection against extreme weather conditions. If you are inside while a storm rages on outside, you might be thankful for having a wooden door, as they provide excellent heat insulation. They also provide great protection against noise pollution. A flimsy PVC door will let a lot more cold and noise through, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Wooden doors, particularly external doors, are available in a wide range of styles, and a wooden door will reflect the personality of your home so much better than any other material. While most wooden doors will be external, there is always the option to install internal wooden doors too, and these also offer a varied range, making the scope of individual preference huge. Wooden French doors and patio doors are the perfect way to bring the outdoors in, and they add a sense of elegance to your home that simply cannot be achieved with other materials.

There is a natural warmth to wood that that PVC and other materials lack. The natural grain of wood ensures that every door is individual, helping to make your home feel less impersonal, more warm and friendly. Wooden doors are particularly attractive in more traditional style homes, although the right style can be just as effective in homes with a more modern feel.

The benefits of installing wooden doors not only offer better protection and insulation, but also add value to your property too. Therefore wooden doors and should be considered not only an attractive option in the short-term, but also a long term investment.